block test

block test is a pair of VST plugins that do handy things.

Both of them will display the current processing block size in their "editor" windows, along with responses to a couple of the more popular hostCanDos.

block test effect is a VST effect that, upon construction, writes a file called "VST host info" that logs all of the host's responses to hostCanDos and product inquiries. During process() and processReplacing(), block test effect will also log all VstTimeInfo for each processing block to a file called "VstTimeInfo log"

block test synth is a VST instrument plugin that logs all VstMidiEvents received to a file called "VstMidiEvents log"

All of block test's files are written to your desktop folder, or if not there, then somewhere else.

by Sophia Poirier
February + November 2001
Destroy FX #13

block test is Copyright (c) 2001-2003 Sophia Poirier